Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don Juan Best Anal Plug | 50% OFF Using Offer Code BIG10

This little loverboy sports three ellipses curved for extra sphincter and prostate stimulation -- c'mon, bend over!

With his curvy design and three pleasing ellipses, Don Juan will make sweet love to your butt. He's made of smooth, body-safe silicone and has a comfortable base. It’s perfect for hands-free fun, whether you're a butt beginner or an advanced anal explorer. This ass-tounding anal plug is carefully crafted and curvy for anal ecstasy! Slip this soft and flexible 4” black silicone anal plug in your ass for intense P-Spot lovin’! The Don Juan Anal Plug’s 3 separate segments will get your booty bumping, and at just 1” wide, it’s the perfect size for anal beginners. This hot anal plug even has a comfortable base for all-day play!

The Don Juan is one of the popular anal plugs, this plug sports three ellipses curved for extra sphincter and prostate stimulation. It’s great for people who wants a hands-free anal experience and designed its base to be comfortable when being worn by allowing it to rest comfortable between the cheeks. The Don Juan is both slim enough for anal play beginners, with a functional shape that even more experienced toy users can also love! The Don Juan is an anal probe ideal for anal beginners, as it is very comfortable, easily insertable, and made of body-safe silicone. Those looking for girth, length, or a true butt plug should look elsewhere. If you enjoy smaller toys, particularly while sitting or manipulating manually, this is a good option.

So, seduce your ass with the softest, curviest little best anal plug ever! The Don Juan Anal Plug is so soft, flexible, and fun that it’s sure to seduce the most demanding backdoors. At 3½” of insertable length, it’s the perfect size for pro prostate stimulation. This beginner anal plug even curves forward to make your P-Spot go off like a rocket! To get started with the Don Juan Anal Plug, just grab your favorite lube, slick this bad boy up, and get ready for anal excitement. The flexible tip makes penetration easy and comfortable. Take as much or as little of this anal sex toy as you want; the Don Juan Anal Plug’s segmented curves let you work your way up to the anal plug’s full length at your own pace.

When fully seated, the Don Juan Anal Plug’s curved tip will be positioned for amazing P-Spot massage. And this anal plug’s soft and flexible base stays comfortable no matter what position you’re in. Ever wanted to try extended anal sessions? The Don Juan Anal Plug is the anal sex toy for you!

Soft Anal Plug Seduces Your P-Spot! AVN NOMINEE: Best Sex Toy For Men!

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