Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get Anal Invader Aqua Marine Large Butt Plug For 50% OFF

Looking for something more when you’re enjoying anal play?

These economically priced aqua marine buttplugs are made of a soft jelly silicone material for ease of anal entry. Anal Invader Aqua Marine Large Butt Plug’s smooth, slippery surface is perfectly suited for sensitive anal insertion once amply lubricated with water-based lube. Well defined base holds butplug securely in place. Anal Invader Aqua Marine Large Butt Plug is 5 1/2” tall and 2” wide. Great for experienced and intermediate bottoms!

This tapered and smooth analtoy comes in many different sizes. You will find butt plugs with a textured material and many that are tapered. The tapered ends of the anal plugs allow them to be used through the whole anal butt plug experience. You are sure to find the perfect anal stimulation! So, experience extreme back door gratification from this large contoured butt plug. This butt plug is ready and waiting to accompany you on an exciting pleasure mission!

Butt Plugs are used by men and women who enjoy anal sex. Butt Plugs are a great starter for anal sex toys. Butt Plugs come in a variety of sizes - from large to small anal plugs, you should use one that you are comfortable with. As with any anal sex toy, extreme caution is advised. If it hurts, stop, add more lube and try again. Make certain that you have plenty of lube around. We know how you boys love butt plugs and this Anal Invader Aqua Marine Large Butt Plug is one hell of a tool!

A Visually Appealing Butt Plug With Unique Angular Shape!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Get 6" Dong With Suction Cup For 50% OFF Using Coupon Code BIG10

If you’re looking for a dildo with a great suction that offers a great size and perfect girth this is absolutely the toy you don't want to be missing in your toy box!

This amazing 6" Dong With Suction Cup looks and FEELS exactly like the real thing! The amazingly strong suction cup base, yes we have tried it, will adhere to almost any flat smooth surface, leaving your hands free to aid balance or play. The perfectly formed head slides effortlessly inside you as you slip down onto his awaiting shaft of pleasure. With a little lube, the 6" Dong With Suction Cup becomes the perfect wet and wild adventure you craved all day long!

We’ve taken what AdamMale customers have told us about their favorite dildos and then we set out to create the perfect phallus--at a great price! Each authentic-looking "penis" features textured balls and skin for easy handling and increased stimulation. The knobby head will stretch your eager anus! Strong suction cup will stay put on tile floor, smooth table top or even a door for "hands free" thrusting fun!

You can never have too much penis and this fun 6" Dong With Suction Cup will keep you playing for hours on end, whether you're by yourself or with a partner. It's 6" of paradise to give you that full feeling. And the size of this dildo is perfect for anal play for everyone from beginners to experienced anal fans. This realistic 6" Dong With Suction Cup is hand-crafted, with a manly heft that feels great in your favorite places. It's authentically sculpted from the smooth head, down the lifelike veins and ridges along the shaft, to the thick manly balls. And speaking of balls, a suction base under the balls and shaft keeps this dildo in place on a flat surface for lots of solo fun!

One of the best features of this dildo is its impressive size. It's a bit more realistic as its not extremely hard, but this will take a bit of getting use to if your use to the more rigid dildo. This amazing, dildo with suction cup sticks to almost any surface you stick it to. It's a nice full filling without feeling like you are being stretched. It's important to use lube because of its size and stickiness. Once you have applied enough lube you will have that amazing feeling of this amazing dildo slipping in and out. If you are one for larger heads on your dildo, this one is perfect! With this sturdy and flexible dong the budget conscious can buy with confidence knowing more than your wallet will be happy tonight!

So much sensation is lost on a small headed dildo and the harder dildos with larger head feel unnatural. The 6" Dong With Suction Cup offers the perfect realistic feel inside. The 6" Dong With Suction Cup is easy to hit the G-spot while manipulating it into various positions. It has all the ridges, wrinkles and veins of real penis BUT with the added advantage of a very strong Suction Cup Base. It will stick to nearly any flat surface, and there it will remain - No matter what you put it through!

So, get on and ride this pleasure dong, it will give you hours of fun and pleasure in the bedroom and you can choose to play alone or with a partner. The smooth curved tip will hit all the right spots and the ribbed penis effect shaft with balls will give you the ultimate internal pleasure - a truly orgasmic toy for anal and vaginal stimulation!

To add to the fun, the suction cup can be used on any tiled surface so for some hands free fun, try taking it into the shower and attaching to the tiles - getting wet has never been so much fun!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Thong For 50% OFF | Use Coupon Code BIG10

If you like your men obedient, this thong and cuff set will help you keep them docile!

Submit to your kinkiest desires in this male bondage thong! In front, the soft Black Neoprene pouch enhances your hot bulge. In back, a faux leather thong bares your sexy buns! Complete your bondage fantasy by wrapping your wrists in two secure Neoprene cuffs. The cuffs hook to two metal O-rings placed just behind your sides for a sexy, submissive look that’ll lead to all kinds of erotic possibilities!

The Fetish Fantasy Men's Lingerie Bondage Thong in 2XL/3XL makes sure that your big guy is always ready for a kinky good time. Forget about dressing up for him because it's your turn to make him submissive and dress up for your pleasures. It comes with wrist cuffs that are attached with sturdy o-rings so that you can keep him in check at all times and make sure that he's behaving while you're in control. It's all about your pleasure and Fetish Fantasy knows how to deliver with this kit.

They’ll be fit to be tied in this sexy ensemble that’s part underwear and part fetish gear. The flirty front pouch of this male thong is made of soft neoprene that hugs your package, while the open faux-leather back shows off your best “ass-ets!” A stretchable waistband and adjustable snaps allow for total comfort, and cleaning is easy. What make this thong even more unique and naughty are the O-rings on the side. From there you can click on the detachable handcuffs and get the real party started. Hook your wrist cuffs together, or attach them to the O-rings at the side of your Fetish Fantasy Bondage Thong for a truly hot bondage fantasy look.

Be the naughty boy you’ve fantasized about being! With the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Thong, you get a sexy male underwear and a set of bondage sex toys all in one hot package! Speaking of hot packages, yours will look and feel great encased in the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Thong’s soft and thick neoprene pouch. When your Master orders you to turn around, you’ll show off your sexy, spankable ass in the faux leather thong back. Wear this hot male thong as-is, and then when you’re ready for bondage sex or wild power games, wrap your wrists in the included pair of soft neoprene wrist cuffs. Each cuff is secured by heavy-duty Velcro, so you can feel free to writhe and tug in ecstasy without fear of them coming loose, yet escape stays easy.

The cuffs close with Velcro and hold the hands firmly in place, so you can please and tease at will. They unsnap in an instant, so try locking them together in front or behind for more submissive fun. Made from durable vinyl, they can stand up to even the roughest of play, yet the neoprene lining is soft against the wrist. The Fetish Fantasy Bondage Thong let’s you live out your fetish fantasies in comfort and style. Designed to fit comfortably while the cuffs keep your hands away from your essential goods, this bondage thong is made for playing and teasing! Fashion & Fetish In One Sweet Package!

Bondage Thong Keeps You Bound To Please!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Falcon Anal Balls | HALF OFF Using Coupon Code BIG10

Looking for something HUGE? Try the Falcon Balls!

Falcon Balls are back! These ultimate anal beads are for those who enjoy huge proportions. Don't let the labels "Small, Medium, and Large" fool you- the smallest size available is much larger than most other standard anal beads out there.

Measuring a jaw-dropping 21-inches long, 1 ¾ inches wide, the Falcon Large Anal Balls are large enough to satisfy your inner size-queen and challenge even the most-experienced anal sex toy users. The five stimulating anal beads are ultra-smooth, flexible, and soft to intensify your anal sex pleasure without sacrificing comfort, and the anal beads are large enough to stay securely in place. The Falcon Large Anal Balls’ unique one-piece design makes these anal beads incredibly easy to clean this hypoallergenic silicone gay sex toy.

Always innovating and improving the male sexual experience, Falcon toys brings on the Balls, a set of big, filling beads to deliver intense anal penetration. There are three sizes to choose from, running the gamut from (comparatively) small and manageable, to thick, large and ultra-challenging, as these ones are, with a perfectly mid-sized version in between. Out of the three sizes, none could be called particularly small, right from the starting point. This is a toy for experienced anal connoisseurs. Five evenly spaced, identically sized and shaped beads start right at the tip, they're separated by a smooth taper that holds the bead you've worked your way up to in place while adding lots of orgasmic sensation against the anal passage as you insert and remove the Balls. A sturdy wrist strap loops around your hand to help with control and positioning, it's also a safety measure, preventing your toy from traveling too far. Made from a very hygienic, plushy yet firm rubber material that's skin friendly and slick, allowing for thorough cleaning, the Balls are clearly well designed for anal play. To clean, you'll be able to place in the top rack of the dishwasher before a cycle, or you can use simple soap and water to scrub up when you've had your fill. A good water based lubricant and lots of it will increase your pleasure and prolong the life of your toy, you'll adore how deliciously slick the Balls get when slathered with lube.

The Falcon Balls Large, are anal balls that give you a chance to fill yourself up like never before! Falcon is always innovating and adding to their collection with the latest and greatest toys, and they're now going to give you as much as you can handle. These aren't for beginners or the faint of heart so make sure that you understand what massive anal balls you're getting here! There's a sturdy strap at the end so that you can hang on to the toy while you play and make sure that it doesn't slip away. Sharing is caring, grab a buddy to push and pull. Wear them during masturbation, foreplay and sex to intensify your pleasure, slowly removing them at the point of climax!

The Falcon Anal Balls are a real pleasure-kick. The five flexible balls ensure wicked anal fun, a guarantee for sexual satisfaction when you feel a bulge on the other. Pull the balls out just before the climax and experience incredible orgasms! Simply select the color of your choice, lube up, and away you go!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don Juan Best Anal Plug | 50% OFF Using Offer Code BIG10

This little loverboy sports three ellipses curved for extra sphincter and prostate stimulation -- c'mon, bend over!

With his curvy design and three pleasing ellipses, Don Juan will make sweet love to your butt. He's made of smooth, body-safe silicone and has a comfortable base. It’s perfect for hands-free fun, whether you're a butt beginner or an advanced anal explorer. This ass-tounding anal plug is carefully crafted and curvy for anal ecstasy! Slip this soft and flexible 4” black silicone anal plug in your ass for intense P-Spot lovin’! The Don Juan Anal Plug’s 3 separate segments will get your booty bumping, and at just 1” wide, it’s the perfect size for anal beginners. This hot anal plug even has a comfortable base for all-day play!

The Don Juan is one of the popular anal plugs, this plug sports three ellipses curved for extra sphincter and prostate stimulation. It’s great for people who wants a hands-free anal experience and designed its base to be comfortable when being worn by allowing it to rest comfortable between the cheeks. The Don Juan is both slim enough for anal play beginners, with a functional shape that even more experienced toy users can also love! The Don Juan is an anal probe ideal for anal beginners, as it is very comfortable, easily insertable, and made of body-safe silicone. Those looking for girth, length, or a true butt plug should look elsewhere. If you enjoy smaller toys, particularly while sitting or manipulating manually, this is a good option.

So, seduce your ass with the softest, curviest little best anal plug ever! The Don Juan Anal Plug is so soft, flexible, and fun that it’s sure to seduce the most demanding backdoors. At 3½” of insertable length, it’s the perfect size for pro prostate stimulation. This beginner anal plug even curves forward to make your P-Spot go off like a rocket! To get started with the Don Juan Anal Plug, just grab your favorite lube, slick this bad boy up, and get ready for anal excitement. The flexible tip makes penetration easy and comfortable. Take as much or as little of this anal sex toy as you want; the Don Juan Anal Plug’s segmented curves let you work your way up to the anal plug’s full length at your own pace.

When fully seated, the Don Juan Anal Plug’s curved tip will be positioned for amazing P-Spot massage. And this anal plug’s soft and flexible base stays comfortable no matter what position you’re in. Ever wanted to try extended anal sessions? The Don Juan Anal Plug is the anal sex toy for you!

Soft Anal Plug Seduces Your P-Spot! AVN NOMINEE: Best Sex Toy For Men!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tug Cyberskin Stroker at 50% OFF Using Offer Code BIG10

Tugs Your Scrotum For Explosive Orgasms!

Tug on your scrotum to get orgasmic explosions using the Adam Male Toys, The Tug CyberSkin Stroker. One of the popular masturbation toys, it's super soft and translucent CyberSkin stroker. Thick CyberSkin ring wraps around scrotum for a tugging sensation with every stroke. Slim design with extra thick ribbed inner tunnel. External ridges provide a no-slip grip. This CyberSkin masturbator sleeve, is soft and see through so you can watch the action as you push your member into its ribbed interior and start to go! The ribbed part makes it feel just like getting a blow job and a special thick inside ring rubs and tugs on the stratum sack for an extra special feeling of excitement. This five inch by two inch sleeve is sure to please with its lifelike feel and easy grip design. You can use any water base lube to glide yourself into this tortuously glorious male masturbator with no equal!

Get your juices flowing and tug on your sack with every stroke! Soft translucent CyberSkin is ribbed to feel like a blow-job while a thick ring stimulates your scrotum to discharge completely... every time! Squeeze hard or hang loose for different sensations! AdamMale The Tug CyberSkin Stroker has a no-slip grip and it's open-ended for E-Z clean-up. The real innovative twist in the Adam Male Toys The Tug CyberSkin Stroker design, is a thick, cushy loop that circles the testicles, providing a pleasurable tug with every stroke. A male sex toy that hits all the right erogenous zones at once, this stroker sex toy is the perfect accessory to your favorite adult movie for mind-blowing orgasms and satisfying masturbation sleeve sessions. Try this toy along with your favorite lube for a slippery glide that will send you over the edge in no time!

Your crystal-clear AdamMale The Tug CyberSkin Stroker is one of the best sex toys for men because it feels so lifelike, you’ll think you’re sliding into the real thing! Accented with a frosted design, the clear CyberSkin of this sex toy lets you see the action with every stroke! The best part is getting your balls tugged by an imaginary third hand! You can feel your juices churn and build up with every stroke! CyberSkin is soft and stretchy to fit any size man in a firm grip. And it warms up and holds your body temperature so that it feels like a real tight, warm ass or mouth. Imagine popping your favorite DVD into the player, sitting back and watching hot XXX sex, while stroking away inside this snug, steamy beauty!

Lube up with a high-quality water-based sex lube such as System JO H2O 16 oz. Bottle. Glide through the sculpted super-tight opening and enjoy the snug, ribbed love tunnel inside! As you thrust or stroke, feel the suction build up on your boner and your sac gets tugged, too! So, just pop in your favorite porn DVD and get to town giving yourself the ride of your life. It’s great when you just want to do it yourself!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colt Big Vibe | 50% OFF Use Offer Code BIG10

This heavy-duty anal intruder gives “home invasion” a whole new meaning!

A huge man-geared vibe from Colt Gear, this over-sized, anal ready and aptly named Big Vibe will absolutely satisfy with its full coverage, ultra filling shape and extra powerful rotating vibration. Embedded under the surface of an ultra slick PVC shaft you'll see two vertical rows of metal beads that twist and twirl at multiple speeds as the extremely powerful vibration does its work- there's likely no other toy that can compare to the sensations the Big Vibe will deliver.

Your backdoor WILL be broken in with this 13" long smooth PVC molded dong encasing heavy duty metal beads running on an embedded circular track. Vary your stimuli by changing the adjustable settings on the separate vibration and track controls. Also, a one button directional reverse let’s you change it up in an instant! You get 6 1/2" of insertion and nearly 2 pounds of top quality backdoor lovin’ coupled with intense rotational and vibrating sensations revved up with 4 powerful C batteries (sold separately). Although you can choose to “self-invade” for sexual pleasuring, with this on the nightstand you’ll also have it for self-protection in case of the real thing!

Shaped for safe, extra deep penetration with no worries about going too far, the head and long shaft are styled realistically, a large set of balls act as a barrier and base, and form a separation from the ridged handle that makes this vibe easy to hang onto and maneuver, even during solo use. A big remote changes up the intensity of both vibration and rotation- each function is controlled by its own dial, letting you perfectly customize the amount of stimulation that suits your pleasure purpose.

The Colt Big Vibe makes your anal experience amazing! The design of this anal vibrator includes vertical lines of metal beads on the shaft. These beads rotate and you can even reverse the direction! The Colt Big Vibe has multiple vibration settings so you can choose the one that provides the maximum amount of stimulation! This anal vibrator has a man-sized handle so you can get a good grip. The handle also makes it easier for your partner to take control and send you over the edge! The Colt Big Vibe has an easy to clean surface so it is always ready for your next anal adventure! You cannot be shy with this anal vibrator at your side! Use it alone or take turns with your partner and you can both enjoy the amazing feelings and sensations together! For the best anal experience of a lifetime, this is the vibrator for you!

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